Finished Talon Glider finally!

Since Longmont seems to be a windy place, and since I'm hoping that it'll be easier to find a place to fly without "Ranger Rick" whipping out a thick book of regulations for California State Parks and telling me I "constituted a hazard" to the beachgoers (or what I'd call free range liberals), I finally blew the dust off of a very nice glider I'd almost finished over 10 years ago.

As you can see from the pic above, it's finished and ready for a test flight. Now I've just got to find a suitable hill facing the right direction on a day with some wind but no lightning, snow, or rain. :-) It's fragile, but very light. The other talon I used to have (which was a rebuilt hand-me-down) was much heavier, but still very aerobatic and nimble. So I'm really hoping this one will be a nice replacement.

I do need to be careful trying to find a good place to fly it with a good landing zone though since it's what today's slopers call a "crunchie" glider. But as light as it is, I ought to be able to fly it even in pretty light winds on a decent hill.