monitoring Dells from nagios

At work (SGI), we have still have a gaggle of Dell hardware (yeah, it hasn't all been replaced with better SGI equipment yet) and until recently, we had been using one plugin to do minimal monitoring of the Windows Dell systems, another one just for monitoring the Chassis stats of the Linux-based Dells and a third one for monitoring the RAID controllers on the Dells. When I realized that all of this could be monitored via OMSA if the server had an SNMP agent and Dell's OMSA software properly installed and running, I went looking for a single plugin that would do all of the monitoring we wanted.

I found a half-dozen different plugins written by other people but couldn't find one that did everything I wanted the way I wanted. I did find one by Steffen Roegner that was a good start on what I wanted though. I modified it substantially and now we have one plugin for monitoring chassis and storage stuff on both windows and linux based Dells. Much tidier. If I get permission from the boss, I'll post a copy of it here.